Shaping space

Another addition to my collection of writings on creative working spaces and the future of work (and how to design for it) – video from Stanford’s

The new space, which is intended to be a longer-term home, draws on five years of prototyping concepts for how collaborative teams might work together in four very different buildings.

“A few years ago (in the Sweet Hall days) we were trying to design our spaces to encourage students to move and change things,” Scott Witthoft said. “Now we find that those lessons have been learned – d.schoolers do all kinds of crazy things with the tools we give them – and we have had to design in a few more constraints to make Buiding 550 work well.”

Sounds very interesting – creativity needing bounds to flourish? And what frameworks (that structure the complex social settings of people collaborating) make sense? Can they be designed or do they emerge over time? Looks like some basic rules and defined infrastructure emerged as smart ways to go in the design of their new offices creativity spaces …

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