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Business Model Innovation: Seizing the white space

Video via Erwin Fielt Seizing the white space and the importance of business model innovation, earmarked one more time after downloading (while not yet reading) a range of articles from a – freely available – special issue of Long Range Planning on business model innovation. Patrick is not exactly happy about academic practices et al.: […]

Delivering Happiness #ftw

One for the morning, Tony Hsieh of Zappos visits Google in Mountain View and talks about his book – Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose (no affiliate link of course), found via Gerd Leonhard‘s stream. I have the feeling that I’ve heard at least some of the stories before, but it’s a […]

Interdisciplinary explorations

[…] a project giving students an opportunity to experience aspects of the design process first-hand through a collaboration with design students Four videos and an extensive outline of the collaboration process and its outcomes at Lucy Kimbell’s Design leads us where exactly, including business model modelling et al. MBA-designer collaboration: Discussion (4 of 4) from […]

Some business model innovation links

Some relevant posts that shall not go unnoticed … 1) Learning from Kodak’s strategic errors by Matt McAlister Kodak reinvented itself yet can’t get ahead in the new markets […] how the speed at which new models take over markets is getting harder to manage […] business models must iterate the way new technologies iterate […]

Innovating to Meet the Needs of the Market without Feeding the Beast of Complexity

Notice that Knowledge@Wharton has a special report (.pdf) on innovating whilst fighting against complexity: As companies struggle to innovate in today’s competitive environment, they need to continually guard against adding to their “clutter” — the creeping impact of complexity on efficiency and cost-competitiveness.

CEO Technology Guide: Prediction Markets

Businessweek has an interesting collection of articles about prediction markets, seen as means to make better decisions (in complex situations) after all. Prediction markets are speculative markets created for the purpose of aggregating information and forecasting future events. This is cool, but I fear that all this introductory stuff (like the podcast ‘CEO guide to […]