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The starfish and the spider

Tonight I participated in a book presentation by Rod A. Beckström on The Starfish and the Spider (side event at the Web 2.0 Expo Berlin). He started off with his motivation for writing this book, 9/11. Yes, Al-Quaida is an archetypical network, and mapping this decentralized network is quite a task. Social Network Analysis shows […]

Interview on Strategic Innovation

Alex Osterwalder of Arvetica published today a video interview with (technology management) professor Bill Fischer of Lausanne’s IMD on (strategic) innovation. I encourage you to drop by their site and have a look at this nicely done interview, which btw also sheds light on some of the issues that govern business model innovation: In the […]

Streamlined living

On a lighter note on a sunday evening and via the cool core 77 blog: Look at this weirdness, the car has more space than its driver, some cute space-saving ideas anyway (anybody in for some “flexible furniture” – both in terms of bending and multi-use?). You know I’m a big fan of adaptivity, but […]

Roger Martin on business model design thinking

Everything’s connected, especially in this little world of business model design thinking. Both Ralf Beuker and Alex Osterwalder pointed me to this video interview with Roger Martin, Dean of the Rotman Business School (publishing a fine journal as well, see e.g. here, for BMID-design-coverage see more here or here). … where he talks about innovation, […]

Innovation for and by multi-core businesses …

The KnowledgeForward blog notes this transcript on Microsofts innovation management practices (this is from a presentation Steve Ballmer gave at the Convergence 2007 conference in March). This talk also has some good thoughts that can be applied in regard to business model design and innovation – just think of the up-sides of being a fast […]

More peeks at innovation

Notes to myself, part II, via Mike Gotta: two articles relevant to those involved in a variety of initiatives related to improving informal learning, collaboration, knowledge management, social computing and innovation Ambidexterity as a Dynamic Capability: Resolving the Innovator’s Dilemma by Charles O’Reilly and Michael Tushman: How do organizations survive in the face of change? […]

NY Business Models

This is interesting business model innovation case material: New York Magazine has an ambitious piece that looks at 21 different organizations, and the ways they make money: The inner workings and profit mechanisms of diverse outfits (from drug dealing to the city government …) are explored in The Profit Calculator. Doing so it also looks […]