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The Future of Enterprise Content Management

Second keynote of the OSMB by Aleksander Farstad of eZ on the future of Enterprise Content Management. eZ Systems is a 5 million € company that’s actually a 250 million € company, nice slide and entry. Yes, he’s right, the size of the company doesn’t show the position in the market, it’s more about the […]

Amazons MP3-Downloadshop Beta startet

Kurz nach der Popkomm ist es soweit: Amazon startet den MP3-Downloadshop. Mehr als zwei Millionen Titel im Mp3-Format, d.h. ohne DRM, sollen im Angebot sein. Noch habe ich keine deutsche Version entdeckt, aber nun ja, ist noch Beta. Ob sich Apple und sein iTunes-Geschäftsmodell / -Business Ecosystem Sorgen machen müssen?

Interview on Strategic Innovation

Alex Osterwalder of Arvetica published today a video interview with (technology management) professor Bill Fischer of Lausanne’s IMD on (strategic) innovation. I encourage you to drop by their site and have a look at this nicely done interview, which btw also sheds light on some of the issues that govern business model innovation: In the […]

DRM’s still got a place

[…] some DRM-based business model innovations may go down (and then, who cares or likes nifty-smarty pricing schemes that depend on DRM etc. when all that is really needed is simplicity of use), but there will be other chances for business model innovations in the music industry … Updating my take on Jobs’ Thoughts on […]

The shape of the smartphone and mobile data markets

Michael Gartenberg c/o Jupiter points to Michael Mace’s analysis of the smartphone and mobile data markets. I think this is excellent because it not only offers market insight, but also supports an alternative way to illustrate market segmentation when basically it ain’t gadgets or companies that compete, but different “business ecosystems” with (more or less) […]

Hyperwettbewerb: Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3

Hier einige (alte) Spekulationen rund um die konkurrierenden Spielkonsolensysteme von Sony und Microsoft, allerdings ohne den Konkurrenten Nintendo auch nur zu erwähnen, dabei ist es doch eher ein Drei- als ein Zweikampf – aber OK, die Konsolen von Microsoft und Sony stehen direkter in Konkurrenz als die Nintendo Wii, die bewusst in einem anderen Segment […]

Design at HP

Fine interview with Sam Lucente, Hewlett-Packard’s director of design and brand experience, in BusinessWeek on Innovation and Design at HP, noting IMHO the importance of (a) a wider perspective on innovation and (b) orchestration in spite of organizing, i.e. organizational work to drive innovation: Orchestration of many players in business ecosystems, i.e. value nets that […]