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Web 2.0 application (s)mash-up

Interesting stuff on business model innovation opportunities springing from Web 2.0 developments, claiming also that a business ecosystem is an accurate model for understanding this innovation. The command-economy development programs of individual software vendors, however extensive and well-funded they may be, cannot possibly prevail against the sheer innovative diversity and economic efficiency of the Web […]

On the importance of (third-party) developers

Read this insightful article on the role of external developers for Apple’s iPod success. It touches some really important points in business model innovation, design and development, e.g. the role of the business ecosystem, opening up for complementors, releasing APIs and documentation. Well, it’s all about encouraging external innovation to increase overall value … and […]

Update zu Web Mash-ups

Found this post by the guy who was interviewed by the folks of Business Week, noted in my post of late and adding to this other post … notice that he adds that the only issue that wasn’t addressed (based on the audience of BusinessWeek) was the ramifications of opening up your data as a […]

Das Google-Yahoo-Ökosystem

Ein Eintrag im Berlecon Analysten Weblog zu Business Ecosystems (und Business Model Innovation): [wichtig] für die Ökosysteme der Suchmaschinen sind […] die von Nutzern selbst generierten Inhalte. Google, Yahoo und auch Microsofts msn bieten mittlerweile umfangreiche Plattformen für Erstellung, Veröffentlichung und Austausch von Inhalten. So gehören zu Google etwa der Weblog-Hoster Blogger und der Fotodienst […] Open Source-Lizenzen: Ordnung dringend ersehnt

Schon 80 Varianten und kein Schutz vor Patentklagen ‘Was die Open-Source-Community vor allem braucht, sind weniger Open-Source-Lizenzen.’ Das sagte Martin Fink, HP’s Vice President of Linux, auf der LinuxWorld Conference in San Francisco. Die steigende Zahl der Lizenzen werde für Entwickler und Kunden immer mehr zum Problem. ‘Die vielen Lizenzen stiften nur Verwirrung’, so Fink. […]

Bookmarks for March 11th through March 12th

These are my links for March 11th through March 12th: Why I Want My Daughter to be a Hacker « OffMyGourd – Hackers are simply empowered individuals that want to figure things out for themselves.  With hacker properly defined, let’s get to the meat, why I want my daughter to be a hacker 1. Hackers […]

Pinboard bookmarks for December 14th

Pinboard links for December 14th, syndicated automagically: From social intranets to collaboration ecosystems – Forbes – the five pillars of social intranets: Information. To be social, an intranet must allow information to easily flow vertically and horizontally, and allow employees to express themselves in various ways (articles, status updates, comments, content sharing…). Knowledge. Content repositories […]