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Peter Fader on the New iPhone and Matching Technology to Consumer Demand

Seems like podcast day again … huh? Read and/or listen to this podcast with Peter Fader @ Knowledge@Wharton, talking about business model implications of Apples iPhone move, product innovation and design, whether these products are delivering features that consumers really want and upcoming disruptions in the media industries, i.e. home entertainment stuff (and business model […]

The shape of the smartphone and mobile data markets

Michael Gartenberg c/o Jupiter points to Michael Mace’s analysis of the smartphone and mobile data markets. I think this is excellent because it not only offers market insight, but also supports an alternative way to illustrate market segmentation when basically it ain’t gadgets or companies that compete, but different “business ecosystems” with (more or less) […]

iPhone crazyness, innovation management and product-driven business model innovation

Some observations on the inevitable – well, there are roundabout 200 entries in my feedreader dealing with all aspects of the iPhone, sometimes drooling over this coming gadget, most of them repetitive, only some of them digging deep. So I thought its a good idea to separate wheat from chaff, at least because the Apple […]