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Herausforderung Heterogenität …

und damit Komplexität … ist das Thema von Stephan A. Jansen in der Enable-Beilage der Financial Times Deutschland. Er formuliert einige Thesen zu den Bedingungen und Herausforderungen des Strukturwandels hin zur Wissensgesellschaft, u.a. : – In der Industrienation arbeitet bald kaum einer mehr und – Die kreative Klasse ist flüchtig Interessant ist hier der Verweis […]

Innovation versus Complexity at HBR

In the November 2005 Harvard Business Review there is an article on Innovation versus Complexity by Keith Aspinall and Mark Gottfredson: Innovation Versus Complexity: What Is Too Much of a Good Thing? Full text access must be payed, have a look at the abstract for a start: What’s the number of product or service offerings […]

When Product Variety Backfires : Marketing

Interesting piece on the pitfalls of over-featuring and over-diversifying … keep in mind that product complexity is huge Are We Developing New Technologies Faster than Consumers Can Use Them? John Gourville argues that the belief that variety is good “is not always true” […] sometimes offering too many choices prompts the confused consumer to defer […]