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Linux, ebooks and DRM (and CC-ed content), a short note

One of the reasons for 20 years of goodness – people collaborating to produce outstanding CC-ed content. See e.g. the PCLinuxOS magazine and – specifically for the Ubuntu Linux community – Full Circle magazine. Time to shout out it is for me, especially as they’re highlighting Calibre and other ebook software this time. Calibre is […]

Geeking around with hardware, plus some Android apps recommendations

Speaking of being good at being a beginner – I need to document and jot down the things I did this Wednesday night for relaxing. Yes, I spent half the night modding and messing around with my old and trusted Android Phone, an HTC Magic (aka Sapphire) 32B stuck at Android 1.6. Now it’s rooted, […]

Generating Chrome/ Chromium Browser Applications

So I switched back to Chrome (dev channel version) from Chromium for now – and one of the things missing is the “Create application shortcuts” menu entry. Indeed, the whole page menu got integrated into a single menu with the dev channel version. But that’s no problem, you just replace your existing application shortcut, i.e. […]

Future of Software and Open Source

Eine Woche nach dem Kongress stehen die Folien fast aller Vorträge der Open Source meets Business zum Download im PDF-Format bereit, ich werde die verfügbaren in den jeweiligen Posts verlinken. Zu den interessanten Slides von Vorträgen, die ich leider verpasst habe zählen u.a. die von Kim Polese von Spikesource zu “The Future of Software”, einmal […]

The war between open source and private source is over

Next up, after lunch this is on the slate: Enterprise Keynote: “Peace Treaty Between Open Source and Private Source – A Customer-Centric View” by Robert Shimp of Oracle. The war between open source and private source is over. Customers care about pragmatic, real-world solutions that help grow their businesses. This keynote will discuss the synergies […]

Nick Carr on SaaS …

Yesterday evening I was catching up with some boomarked videos, here’s another one worth pointing out: Nick Carr “discussing the business implications of on-demand software with guys from Accenture, Deloitte, Business Objects and Bluewolf”: The discussion revolves around on how IT is deployed and used, where Carr highlights that there is a shift going on […]

Interview with Scott Berkun on “The Myths of Innovation”

Another interesting podcast, here on IT Conversations an interview with Scott Berkun (“The Myths of Innovation”), get the mp3: How do you know whether a hot technology will succeed or fail? Or where the next big idea will come from? The best answers come not from the popular myths we tell about innovation, but instead […]