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Bookmarks for April 24th through April 29th

These are my links for April 24th through April 29th: Let Your Customers Optimize Your Website for You – At the moment, the term “personalization” is surrounded by confusion, mostly because it has evolved far beyond what it once was: product recommendations. It’s now much more sophisticated and can be automated to provide insight at […]

Bookmarks for April 10th through April 11th

These are my links for April 10th through April 11th: The Bastards Book of Ruby – The Bastards Book of Ruby is an introduction to programming and its practical uses for journalists, researchers, scientists, analysts, and anyone else whose job is to seek out, make sense from, and show the hard-to-find data. This does not […]

Pinboard bookmarks for March 10th

Pinboard links for March 10th, syndicated automagically: [gnome] Gnome 3 – User theme extension not enabled – Ubuntu Forums – So to be more specific with the commands, here's what I did to enable user theme extension: Code: $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ricotz/testing $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install gnome-shell-extensions-user-theme (if you don't already […]

Pinboard bookmarks for December 2nd

Pinboard links for December 2nd, syndicated automagically: gdm to the rescue 😉 – I tried numerous combinations of custom xorg.conf files and default vs. proprietary drivers (I have an ATI dual head card) nothing worked. Out of frustration I thought about reinstalling and older version of Ubuntu. That made me wonder if the problem was […]

Pinboard bookmarks for October 29th

Pinboard links for October 29th, syndicated automagically: Don’t be stupid. Use Smartr for iPad to read the news -nice iPad app, needs some more sharing and bookmarking options, alas The Best Time Tracking App for Linux – Track any project, billable or otherwise Simple Start and Stop buttons let you track your activities without getting […]

Generating Chrome/ Chromium Browser Applications

So I switched back to Chrome (dev channel version) from Chromium for now – and one of the things missing is the “Create application shortcuts” menu entry. Indeed, the whole page menu got integrated into a single menu with the dev channel version. But that’s no problem, you just replace your existing application shortcut, i.e. […]