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What’s the deal with blogs?

Nicely explained by Lee and Sachi Lefever, pointing out that it’s first and foremost a people networking thing that happens through blogs:

Do I (really) respect Media Snackers?

Oh, I’ve been tagged, now I have to blog about a bunch of internet users “memified” media snackers – i.e. a new breed of young people, hyperconnected to a wide assortment of digital, on-demand media. They are consumers who are no longer bound to linear media; who “snack whenever, wherever and whatever they like Here’s […]

Notes from the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) Summit

No, I haven’t been to Providence (RI) but I have followed the numerous writeups available on the BIF blog and at other places (like e.g. mindmaps by Jeff de Cagna: Day 1 and Day 2, numerous other blogs like here and here). The conference would have been fun for sure, given its topic of “collaborative […]

New media douchebags

Via Luis Suarez: This is a nice hommage to Lee and Saachi LeFever of Commoncraft (who are making a cool series of little instructional videos, like this, this or this), Kelly Stewart from KommonKraft brings you another take: How to blog, Twitter, podcast, poke, write on Facebook walls and become a new media douchebag. I […]

Social Networks and Organizational Pathologies …

Irving Wladawsky-Berger contemplates on Social Networks and Organizational Governance, arguing with a case of an “organizational system” that was streamlined too much – losing its senses and its manageability along the way. Check the actual post to see which organization he’s talking about, or take a guess … all in all this fits fine into […]

Nick Carr on SaaS …

Yesterday evening I was catching up with some boomarked videos, here’s another one worth pointing out: Nick Carr “discussing the business implications of on-demand software with guys from Accenture, Deloitte, Business Objects and Bluewolf”: The discussion revolves around on how IT is deployed and used, where Carr highlights that there is a shift going on […]

What’s the attraction in Facebook?

Via JD Lasica: “Social Media: What’s the attraction in Facebook?”, linking to a piece in the LA Times: Let me highlight the stuff that I thought really important: You can’t change the look and feel of your Facebook page as much as you can on MySpace, but since May you can do something much cooler: […]