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Kontextsensitive Werbung

Ich weiss, das ist schon ziemlich morbide, aber irgendwie auch komisch, dass das ausgerechnet bei Xing kommt 😉

Fresh Ideas

On (business model) innovation in hypercompetitive enviroments … yes, the old rules for managing just don’t cut it … innovative thinking is needed note this gem: while in the past aspiring leaders mostly tried to emulate good managers, today there’s newfound interest in learning from managerial train wrecks read more … shaped internet retailing

Interesting article, almost a small case study, in the Guardian on, that spent fast and died young but which legacy is still shaping internet retailing. [Boos founders] saw not just as a site where pixillated shop assistant Ms Boo would help shoppers find the togs to match their temperament, but as a lifestyle […]

Why GM’s Plan Won’t Work

An interesting article that highlights some reasons why huge institutions, like e.g. GM, have such a hard time changing: They are attached to their (cemented) organizational structures as they are facing a changing world. Why is it so hard for those inside GM to see the inevitable? Take a step into the Detroit mindset. No […]