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Man kann nicht nicht kommunizieren …

ist das bekannteste Zitat von Paul Watzlawick (hier der Eintrag in Wikipedia), der am 31. März in Palo Alto gestorben ist. Er war Kommunikationswissenschaftler, Philosoph, Psychologe und Soziologe und machte die Muster, Bedingungen und Störungen (ja, auch Abgründe) der zwischenmenschlichen Kommunikation zu seinem zentralen Thema … sein Werk ist elementare Grundlage für alle “Strukturgestalter” und […]

Apples flops and continuous reinvention

Another thought on this: one company that is often viewed as “immune” to the Peter-principle of innovation is Apple, yet it has its very own history of flops and not getting it (which brought it to the brink more than once). Michael Urlocker notes some of them, pointing out that one can learn a lot […]

Peter principle of innovation

Interesting approach: Every company innovates until it finds a cash cow. At that point only innovation that supports the cash cow is promoted. Further, any innovation that threatens or does not support the cash cow languishes or is actively killed. Eventually, most of the true innovation ceases as the innovators leave and start new companies […]

Blog of note

Disorganizational Behavior Exploring why people and organizations act the way they do Interesting blog by Travis A. Sinquefield. Yes, I will follow his endeavours, if only because I suspect that many interesting organizations show pathological traits – even when they’re not dead yet. And employing and exploring innovative metaphors in organizational settings can give food […]

Stepping through the looking glass … some follies, some wisdom

On a TGIF night everything’s OK, so get ready for some light food for thought, and some more “organizational pathologies” … Carmine Coyote c/o Slow Leadership calls for leaders to try something new in management, because Pragmatism is fine for second-rate businesses handling commodity products, but that route will never win long-term market leadership. Visionary […]

Workplace ‘bad apples’ …

Via Businesspundit I’ve learned of this research finding: “Rotten to the core: How workplace ‘bad apples’ spoil barrels of good employees” by William Felps and Terence Mitchell (professor of management and organization in the Business School and UW psychology) of the University of Washington. Yes, no surprise here, Bob Sutton’s also arguing that a******s can […]

How to help management snoop on staff blogs

Utterly hilarious sunday morning stuff – making your day, found at Euan Semples blog: How to help management snoop on staff blogs. The disconformance interpretation is regarded as an abductive reasoning, which is operationalized by information flow computations. Using a socio-cognitively motivated representation of shared knowledge, and applying an appropriate information flow inference mechanism from […]