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Just a notice that Evan Prodromou of has been at IT Conversations (mp3): is an open microblogging service. Users can post short messages about themselves to, which are then broadcast to friends in their social network using instant messages (IM), RSS feeds, and the Web. The product’s developer, Evan Prodromou, joins Phil and Scott to discuss the project, including its open source license.

I’m frogpond there (as on Twitter, obviously) – and might need to reactivate my Jaiku efforts as well, now that Google is porting it to a sensible platform (“Jaiku is NOW on the Google App Engine“). Found via OliverG, who makes an educated guess that Jaiku will go the XMPP (well, Open Microblogging Protocol) and (i.e., way.

Yes, I think that’s the way to go, and btw, read up on some (german language) thoughts by Robert and Cem on and the role of creative people for long-term sustainable business model success. And, no, you don’t have to employ these people

Update: At Cem I found two more Evan/ themed podcasts (fine, I’ve got a brand new 4 GB mp3 player that needs to be filled):

Dan Lynch (UK) und Fabian Scherschel (D) von Linux Outlaws führten ein langes, sehr langes (über 1:40h), aber recht lockeres und hörenswertes Gespräch mit Evan Prodromou über Free & Open Software, Free Network Services und natürlich Hier ist der Podcast.

Update: Noch’n Podcast mit Wizkid and Everybodies Darling Evan auf Technometria, IT Conversations. Sehr strukturiertes und informatives Interview. Evan beschreibt darin, wie Laconica (i.e. identica) Server funktionieren und wie sie den OpenMicroBlogging-Standard umsetzen.

Update 2: Cem is currently planning a Microblogging Conference in Hamburg – mark your calendars for Friday/Saturday 23.1./24.1.2009 (and talk about it, aquire some sponsors, whatever …)

  1. Thanks for the backlink. after I blogged it I heard that just one person was workign on the google-port, so it is not clear if this was a science project or a strategical decision. I hope it was strategical 😉 we definitely need some players in this field.

  2. Yes, but probably the one-person show isn’t that much of a problem. To all experience Google’s been very good at scaling, once the potentials could be seen/calculated. So I guess that it can become “strategical” quite fast, let’s hope so

  3. we will see, i have some ideas about what might be happening. but that’s not ft for a comment box 😉 rather over a beer …

  4. Yes, we might talk too much geeky, android-style stuff 😉