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Collaborative and Open Innovation

Via David Weinberger I found this Berkman lunch where Karim Lakhani of Harvard Business School and Ned Gulley of MathWorks talked about “The Dynamics of Collaborative Innovation: Exploring the tension between knowledge novelty and reuse”. Karim begins by looking at research by Meyer on the airplane’s hidden collaborative history: It didn’t spring whole cloth from […]

Pirate’s TV

Matt Mason, author of „Pirates Dilemma“ (pdf, and see here and here) has done a nice “video trailer”, promoting the core ideas (and touching on quite a lot of things, like Hollywood pirates of old …). Well, yes, easy information sharing on the internet is changing the shape of economies, so media industry must redesign […]

Co-production by gamers

Interesting article on the benefits of integrating customer-driven innovations in ones business model … note this: User-created content has two extraordinary benefits. No. 1 is that when somebody makes a piece of content, they are so much more emotionally attached to it. It doesn’t even matter if it’s good or bad. If they made it, […]