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Shaken entertainment industry

Nice little article on the complexities of new media … where the consumer is in control, noting that TV has moved from being a fairly passive medium into this digital era […] Audiences expect more control and greater access to stuff. and highlighting the need for business model innovation, e.g. multi channel offerings: […] TV […]

mobile music business models …

Interesting article at the, arguing that business models for mobile downloading of music are not ready yet, pricing is too high, design and funktionality of the devices is crappy … Still, some positive aspects remain … Handset makers and wireless carriers […] have one big advantage in competing with Apple’s hit digital-music player: Cellphones […]

Taking On the Wireless Goliaths

Interesting article on the changes brought by innovative business model thinking … threatening incumbents that hold on to their models of old. A new generation of service providers — so-called mobile virtual network operators — is targeting the big guys with bold consumer offerings and As they enter the market, these upstarts could change the […]

Unrealistic Expectations of Mobile Carriers

This is strange, those mobile carriers are showing a deep misunderstanding of the nature of competition in the music business today … and I assume they don’t understand their customers too […] carriers are entertaining unrealistic expectations of potential revenue and consumer price points for mobile downloading of songs. The carriers are reportedly deluded by […]

Give Discounts To Long Term Customers

This is a perfect example of business model innovation … the design is ingenious, it creatively combines already existing ideas and creates problems for competitors … no wonder, Virgin an all-time creative player is first again … Found at Techdirt … […] too many companies focus solely on new sales, to the point that they […]