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State of the telcos …

David Weinberger is putting together some lightly written notes on the state of the telecom industry and the emerging (technology) trends … he’s been listening to AT&T’s CTO at Harvard. Lesebefehl!

Media revolution to be digitized, on demand

A nice, readable piece of wisdom on the future of media industries, business model (innovations) and a lot more … Lesebefehl! The media and entertainment industries are about to be rocked by a perfect storm of change: the convergence of all-digital television transmission, the prevalence of DVR-type devices, and universal forms of on-demand content — […]

Shaken entertainment industry

Nice little article on the complexities of new media … where the consumer is in control, noting that TV has moved from being a fairly passive medium into this digital era […] Audiences expect more control and greater access to stuff. and highlighting the need for business model innovation, e.g. multi channel offerings: […] TV […]

Future of TV networks

Interesting news from Deloitte … on the future of TV networks, […] threatened with extinction if they don’t evolve quickly into something else: Not so long ago, the business model for television networks around the world was simple: produce programs, broadcast them across a national network of owned and affiliated stations to a mass audience, […]