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Bookmarks for October 31st through November 1st

These are my links for October 31st through November 1st: The Science of Change – The key is that we need to change ourselves. We need to transform, not them. We don’t need to occupy Wall Street, we simply need to occupy Main Street because that is where they occupy us. It is not enough […]

Earmarked #organizationalpathologies and #ohmyitstrue "McGill University management…

Earmarked #organizationalpathologies and #ohmyitstrue "McGill University management professor, Henry Mintzberg has been extensively studying, teaching, writing, and consulting on management effectiveness, strategy formulation, and planning since 1968. His book, The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning, reports on the exhaustive research and thinking he’s been doing on this popular management technique. In a passage on […]

Pinboard bookmarks for October 30th

Pinboard links for October 30th, syndicated automagically: Moving the Economy: The Future of the Maker Movement – Forbes – I’m motivated and moved by the idea, the belief – that the people who invent and build and make things have the power to change the world. People who “remix” something or hack a better way. […]

Corporations as a "world where big stuff can never get done" …

earmarked #innovation and #organizationalpathologies 😉 Reshared post from +Frederic Lardinois Neal Stephenson on the relevance of science fiction, space travel and corporate management styles. Embedded Link Neal Stephenson: Innovation Starvation My lifespan encompasses the era when the United States of America was capable of launching human beings into space. Some of my earliest memo… Google+: […]