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Patterns as holistic framework for building

Patterns, Components, and Code, Oh My! By Erin Malone (check out the excellent series on working with patterns and the equally interesting book)

Interdisciplinary explorations

[…] a project giving students an opportunity to experience aspects of the design process first-hand through a collaboration with design students Four videos and an extensive outline of the collaboration process and its outcomes at Lucy Kimbell’s Design leads us where exactly, including business model modelling et al. MBA-designer collaboration: Discussion (4 of 4) from […]

The value of abstracting design problems

Patrick Whitney explains the value of design for business and innovation–in under four minutes (from IIT Institute of Design on Vimeo …). Not exactly an MBA style approach – which makes it so inspirational, yes.

On consultant’s (playbook) and toolsets

Ideally a consultant’s workbench (and playbook) is wide and deep, providing both specialized best practices (the best tool for the job) and flexible, adaptive multi-use tools (Leatherman style). Then, resting deep in the racks a collection of methods (and affiliated tools) should exist as well. Nobody can be the master of all instruments, but having […]

Everyone designs …

This blog has taken a little rest over the holidays (and some time after that too, oh my), but now I am back in full swing. Let’s start the new year with design-related stuff, shall we? This is no coincidence, as the DesignCamp Cologne is sneaking up and I must prepare a session still. So […]

Uncovering Strategies and Business Models

Second part of the Scott Hirsch workshop (first write-up is here: Be like the Internet), as this is actually a business model innovation design issue I will post this here, but will put a note on the frogpond blog too, where most my other Web 2.0 Expo stuff will be collected. Scott starts with one […]

Technology, Innovation and Organization (for complex organizational settings)

Irving Wladawsky-Berger has an interesting post that relates complex organizational systems, innovation management (processes) and the use of social software in the enterprise (you know why I find this interesting …): […] the opportunities to leverage the huge advances in technologies, standards and communications to enable us to look at a whole organization – an […]