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Enter self-made machinima flicks …

… reports the Guardian: A new form of film-making mashes traditional storytelling with video game animation. […] [used] by artists, film-makers and scriptwriters [and geeks as well]. Even small studios have emerged and the movie industry employs video game engines to pre-visualize their big-budget blockbusters. Well, this is offering (business model) threats and chances to […]

Xbox Modding Threatens MS Business Model

Modders are threatening the business model of selling underpriced consoles and breaking even with high-cost content (i.e. games). A U.K. court has convicted a UK resident, sending a message to gamers to quit tinkering with Microsoft’s console. The man sold Xbox consoles fitted with a 200 GB hard drive and 80 pre-installed games on his […]

Xbox Live grows on

The online gaming community Xbox Live is growing on … having reached 2 million subscribers recently and doubling its size in just one year. [Microsoft] attributed the success of Xbox Live to the growing number of titles for the console that now allow for some type of online interactivity, as well as the option to […]

Mix, Match, And Mutate

Found this story on Web mash-ups in the new issue of BusinessWeek. These mash-ups combine and remix the data and services of different web sites into something entirely new, a kind of new hybrid web service: volunteer programmers are taking it upon themselves to combine and remix the data and services of unrelated, even competing […]

Co-opting the creative revolution

Digital technology is providing people with the tools to produce and share content like never before … and it is set to throw the relationship between them and institutions into turmoil … oh yes, and enabling some cute business model innovations notice some gems: Loosely organised groups will be increasingly given leverage. […] “Institutions will […]

Remixing and mash-ups

interesting article on mash-ups, user-generated content and the “business models” that are built upon this … Online independent media hubs are letting people collaborate in new ways – and the focus is mostly on multimedia work, rather than text. One example is, which was set up by JD Lasica and Marc Canter and which […]

The Future of Technology and the IT 100

Interesting articles now over at Business Week on e.g. mass collaboration online … noting collaborative innovations such as Skype, BitTorrent, and online idea hubs run by HP, Lilly and P&G. read more at The Future of Technology and the IT 100: Technology’s leading companies in 2005