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Pinboard bookmarks for March 10th

Pinboard links for March 10th, syndicated automagically: [gnome] Gnome 3 – User theme extension not enabled – Ubuntu Forums – So to be more specific with the commands, here's what I did to enable user theme extension: Code: $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ricotz/testing $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install gnome-shell-extensions-user-theme (if you don't already […]

Pinboard bookmarks for December 5th

Pinboard links for December 5th, syndicated automagically: Pimp my Gnome, Teil 1: Extensions – shredzone –

Pinboard bookmarks for December 2nd

Pinboard links for December 2nd, syndicated automagically: gdm to the rescue 😉 – I tried numerous combinations of custom xorg.conf files and default vs. proprietary drivers (I have an ATI dual head card) nothing worked. Out of frustration I thought about reinstalling and older version of Ubuntu. That made me wonder if the problem was […]

Bookmarks for November 24th through November 25th

These are my links for November 24th through November 25th: walkaround – Wave on App Engine – Google Project Hosting – Walkaround is a variant of Wave, based on the Apache Wave code base, that runs on App Engine. Walkaround can import waves from to allow users to keep working with their data regardless […]

Pinboard bookmarks for October 31st

Pinboard links for October 31st, syndicated automagically: Social Experience Design: one method, two tools, three tips, the lecture • Intense Minimalism – Social Experience Design with elements of business, strategy and change management How to Convince Your Friends to Use Linux Without Being a Jerk | TechSource – The Show Don’t Tell policy also applies […]

Pinboard bookmarks for October 29th

Pinboard links for October 29th, syndicated automagically: Don’t be stupid. Use Smartr for iPad to read the news -nice iPad app, needs some more sharing and bookmarking options, alas The Best Time Tracking App for Linux – Track any project, billable or otherwise Simple Start and Stop buttons let you track your activities without getting […]

Bookmarks for October 26th through October 27th

These are my links for October 26th through October 27th: Papierloses Büro – 10 Virtuelle Faxdienste im Überblick – – Transforming into a social business – questions the technocentric way that many organizations have approached social business (or rather social software) this far and suggests a business-oriented approach to socializing business operations, focusing on […]