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Tuning Innovation DNA

Umair’s at it again, slapping Yahoo! (see here for BMID-content on Yahoo’s innovation culture, Brickhouse etc.) Yahoo doesn’t need a Brickhouse (aka skunkworks). Contrast Yahoo with Google. Google doesn’t just have one Brickhouse – it has thousands. That’s the net effect of management innovations Google has pioneered, which give people the space to play, experiment, […]

Payback on Innovation

There’s another worthwhile podcast on the Payback meme, this time in the Harvard Business Schools IdeaCast series: The Rewards of Innovation: In our feature segment, Jim Andrew, co-author of Payback: Reaping the Rewards of Innovation, takes a call from IdeaCast producer Steve Singer. Andrew helps us see through the cloudy thinking that often surrounds organizational […]

The Greatest Innovations of All Time

Larry Keeley of the Doblin Group nominates the Greatest Innovations of All Time, noting that successful innovations often are platforms, that often go unnoticed because of narrow-mindedness in innovation processes: […] when you stick smart people in a room and ask them to innovate, they will virtually always brainstorm new product ideas. We seem to […]

From 0 to 60 to World Domination

Via Diego: the NYT has this great article on Toyota, “From 0 to 60 to World Domination” Diego’s take on it: How does Toyota win? By becoming an evidence-based culture with an eye to the long view. By investing in incremental innovations to build long-term brand equity, and investing the payback in revolutionary innovations like […]

How Firms can Reap the Rewards of Innovation

Knowledge at Wharton has a podcast interview (and an edited version of the transcript) with Harold Sirkin, who is senior VP at Boston Consulting Group and co-author of Payback: Reaping the Rewards of Innovation. One concern is how to apply process to innovation, and preparing so the payback, i.e. the financial return that validates new […]

APQC survey on disruptive innovation

Innosight and IBM are doing an innovation survey with the APQC, interested organizations find the survey here. to help you learn how your organization’s innovation efforts compare in terms of: – product and service innovation, – operational innovation, – business model innovation, and – enablers of innovation Found via this article by Clayton Christensen in […]

Why Competing Successfully Is About A Lot More Than Just Copying The Technology

Starting off with Apple’s iPhone patents Techdirt notes this on business model innovation: There are plenty of things that go into being able to innovate and build a successful product — and simply copying someone else’s technology is often a small part of that (and usually not a particularly good strategy). Patent protection only protects […]