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Pinboard bookmarks for November 3rd

Pinboard links for November 3rd, syndicated automagically: Change Management is the Foundation of a Social Organization | Social Business News – The foundation for social organization transformation is culture and leadership. Process and technology initiatives are certainly important and play a vital role; but without a change in organizational behavior it will prove meaningless. Change […]

Bookmarks for October 31st through November 1st

These are my links for October 31st through November 1st: The Science of Change – The key is that we need to change ourselves. We need to transform, not them. We don’t need to occupy Wall Street, we simply need to occupy Main Street because that is where they occupy us. It is not enough […]

Pinboard bookmarks for October 30th

Pinboard links for October 30th, syndicated automagically: Moving the Economy: The Future of the Maker Movement – Forbes – I’m motivated and moved by the idea, the belief – that the people who invent and build and make things have the power to change the world. People who “remix” something or hack a better way. […]

earmarked #design #criticalthinking – 7 min german language podcast (radio featu…

earmarked #design #criticalthinking – 7 min german language podcast (radio feature) Embedded Link Google+: View post on Google+ Post imported by Google+Blog. Created By Daniel Treadwell.

Bookmarks for October 26th through October 27th

These are my links for October 26th through October 27th: Papierloses Büro – 10 Virtuelle Faxdienste im Überblick – – Transforming into a social business – questions the technocentric way that many organizations have approached social business (or rather social software) this far and suggests a business-oriented approach to socializing business operations, focusing on […]

Twizzied …

Let me introduce you to my next car (pleasepleaseplease, let me win the LeWeb contest lottery) – the Renault Twizy, picture by Stephanie Booth, our caring blogger program photoprovider 😉 For more information on electric zero-emission cars (business model innovation issues, yes – design issues, no) see the live-blogged notes in this embedded wave at frogpond:

Storytelling, holistic design and UX

Experience Themes: An Element of Story Applied to Design View more presentations from Cindy Chastain. via contagious ideas