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Pinboard bookmarks for December 23rd

Pinboard links for December 23rd, syndicated automagically: The sketchnote revolution « Dachis Group Collaboratory – A few tips… Draw! First and foremost. Sprinkle your words with rough illustrations and diagrams — you can always expand on your scribbles later. Nothing needs to be perfect. Important: Always carry a small notebook — something with unlined pages […]

Storytelling, holistic design and UX

Experience Themes: An Element of Story Applied to Design View more presentations from Cindy Chastain. via contagious ideas

Movie narrative charts

via Cute visualizations for the win … Posted via web from frogpond’s posterous

Waiting for Chrome, reading comics

Did I ever mention that I’m into comics? And that I even own and have read a book by Scott McCloud (“Comics richtig lesen – Die unsichtbare Kunst”, aka “Understanding comics“)? You ask Scott, huh? Yes, it’s the Scott that drew the Google Chrome cartooon/storyboard/instruction manual/viral bomb that’s ravaging across the net today (via, via, […]

Storytellers make up the skills gap

“Storytelling is energising for companies. It gives employees a chance to feel something about their brand and shows them how they can contribute to the story, which has to be good.” Nothing new, but interesting to see that the Financial Times gets on the storytelling bandwagon, i.e. the use of stories for fostering innovation and […]