Some business model innovation links

Some relevant posts that shall not go unnoticed …

1) Learning from Kodak’s strategic errors by Matt McAlister

Kodak reinvented itself yet can’t get ahead in the new markets
how the speed at which new models take over markets is getting harder to manage
business models must iterate the way new technologies iterate
you’ll fall behind all the innovators taking advantage of all the time you spend in meetings trying to figure out how to be more innovative

2) Judo Strategy: Nintendo Wii Smacks Microsoft, Sony by Zack Urlocker

[…] the newest entry from Nintendo is not trying to beat competitors with better more advanced processors and the more complicated games that hardcore gamers crave. Instead Nintendo’s new console is a stripped-down product that aims to widen the market by pulling in non-gamers. How? With a technically inferior product that gets the job done for regular people and occasional gamers.

Nintendo’s management realized there’s no way they could outspend Microsoft and Sony when it comes to advanced hardware design. So why even bother? Instead the new Nintendo Wii gaming console takes a disruptive approach: focus on fun and expand the market by appealing to non-gamers.


Beyond the fact that Nintendo’s got a better business model than either Sony or Microsoft, they’ve also delivered an innovative approach to gaming.

  1. This is a great article, and it’s great for business. I’m going to speak to some of my managers on this issue today.

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