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Designers are arrogant and ignorant

Catchy title, huh? Via Dominic Basulto: a rant by Bruce Nussbaum on designers, citing this little gem: Innovation, design, eco-imagination, just call it whatever they want to call it and do your design thing. That’s the spirit … of business model innovators and designers, doing the design thingy.

Crowdsourcing Innovation Principles

More on crowdsourcing innovation principles by Sami Viitamäkia, notice also his nice conceptualization of the different groups of participants and corresponding tasks in the FLIRT model of crowdsourcing:

APQC survey on disruptive innovation

Innosight and IBM are doing an innovation survey with the APQC, interested organizations find the survey here. to help you learn how your organization’s innovation efforts compare in terms of: – product and service innovation, – operational innovation, – business model innovation, and – enablers of innovation Found via this article by Clayton Christensen in […]

Business Design for Designers

I found this article in the November 1998 issue of Mercer Management Journal via bplusd, a design-thinking blog by Jess McMullin. Funny that McMullins calls this newish, the article is now 7 years old. Here’s the abstract on the business design article: The discipline of Business Design is a means to capture value from the […]