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New Intermediaries: Pandora

Reading this interesting piece on a new web-based recommendation engine, I had to think about the business model implications, especially the role of middlemen in innovative music business models. Besides that, Pandora is a good example of a remix business, as they use the APIs of e.g. Amazon and iTunes. Well, this shows again that […] turning to Co-Production

An interesting take on the move towards co-production by that want to let customers build their own systems. The company, seen as a leader in the movement toward so-called software as a service applications, is making a bet on a new development system–called Multiforce–that lets partners and customers custom-tailor the software and build their […]

Update zu Web Mash-ups

Found this post by the guy who was interviewed by the folks of Business Week, noted in my post of late and adding to this other post … notice that he adds that the only issue that wasn’t addressed (based on the audience of BusinessWeek) was the ramifications of opening up your data as a […]

Users Accelerate Innovation

User-driven innovations, paving the way for new business models … interesting read, emphasis added: From the lightbulb, to the internal combustion engine to velcro, innovation (more important than invention) has been driven largely in part by individual tinkerers. However, in recent years, the resources and know-how required behind technically complex innovations such as the artificial […]

User-driven innovation at Yahoo! Music Engine Mojo

OK, Yahoo entered the music business and stirred the market … yet, the bigger (and more interesting) story might be Yahoo! Music Engine, the service client … Yahoo opens up the API and aims to integrate those user generated innovations that will enhance the overall worth of the Yahoo music ecosystem … this is definitely […]