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The definition of insanity … the Music Industry, revisited

Whoa, I had a Déjà-vu tonight, Marco has the full story: “Sony BMG’s DRM-free innovation“, anmut und demut nails it in a (german language) fable (“Es war einmal im dunklen sterbenden Wald der Musikindustrie ein untoter Riese …”), nerdcore has similar kind words for SonyBMG and I still can’t believe that this is freakin’ true, […]

Snocaps New Tune

An article in Business 2.0 about Snocap, Napster innovator Shawn Fanning’s new company … Snocap is a one-stop shop for rights management across multiple online retailers … The system is designed to be a neutral middleman between the labels and the P2P networks. Labels would register their catalogs with Snocap, using its central database as […]