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Fanning Innovation, Euro-Style

Stephen Wildstrom has an interesting article on innovation and its problems in Europe … notice this statement by Marten Mickos, CEO of MySQL: “This continent is one of the most conservative places on the planet,” […] He notes that Europe has a long history of successful invention, but a weak history of turning those inventions […]

How Innovation Really Works …

… observed by Rob Hof [M]ost folks developing products have their heads down, not craned over their shoulders in this interesting post by Yahoos Jeremy Zawodny who speaks out on the infamous ways of corporate innovation … even at large and cool Internet companies For the last five and a half years, I have had […]

Microsoft Learns to Share

Seems like a smart move to me, still I have to wonder whether these ideas have potential … supposing that companies of the Microsoft ecosystem had their go already? Anyway, giving some ideas away to smaller and nimble entrepreneurs that can do things a huge organization like MSFT can’t do has its merits … and […]

When invention turns to innovation

BBC article … nothing great, the misc. gems are noted hereafter … it caught my attention because of its provoking headline … that was chosen for catchiness’ sake … luring the unsuspecting reader … It is unlikely that future technological inventions are going to transform the world in the way that they done before now. […]

NIH Syndrome at Sony

Interesting article (and quote) by James Surowiecki on how organizational cultures can come in the way of innovation … leading to misery … Remember the misled attempt of Sony to establish its very own format for compressed music … ignoring the established standard mp3 … at least they have stopped this folly … but apparently […]