The Power of “and”-innovating at Nokia

Does Nokia need a new innovation recipe? That’s the underlying question posed by Consultaglobal, via Innovating to Win. This is interesting stuff, now that I collected some stuff on Googley innovation, questionable strategy tax, internal innovation practices and sustainable innovation, the McKinsey interview with Jarkko Sairanen comes handy.

The article mentions blending business thinking into go/no-go decisions when deciding which initiative to move forward with. The importance of building a culture where innovation is something that everyone is expected to do is stressed. Yet while everyone is expected to make innovation contributions, it would seem that no consistent way to equip people to make those contributions has been pursued.

One can’t help but wonder, if Nokia has built its current market position subject to the vagaries of accidental innovation, how much greater would the success had been if they had an understanding of sustainable innovation and put the principles of repeatable innovation practice into play?

The bottom line is that innovation recipes do exist, and many organizations are using them to cook up tremendous offerings that will deliver their customers value and in so doing build value for the company. If you aren’t among these innovation leaders, it’s time to get cooking before someone else eats your lunch.

Add to this the ideas from this presentation by Petteri Alinikula:

I really like this concept of creative resolution, where innovation thrives on the edge and in the space between tensions. One reason is, that this is to me an outcome and learning from complexity management and design thinking, understanding and integrating multi-directional, non-linear causal relationships and all. And I just love slide 5, making it clear that it’s technology innovations AND product innovations AND business model innovations that we need to understand. Oh, and slide 22 is cool too:

– An open mind is the most powerful innovation tool
– Innovation at NRC is not just about what we do, but how we do it
– There’s no recipe for creativity – you have to take a lot of different approaches, and some of these will even be contradictory!
– Creativity doesn’t end with the great idea. To make technology work, it has to get into people’s hands …

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