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Pinboard bookmarks for November 3rd

Pinboard links for November 3rd, syndicated automagically: Change Management is the Foundation of a Social Organization | Social Business News – The foundation for social organization transformation is culture and leadership. Process and technology initiatives are certainly important and play a vital role; but without a change in organizational behavior it will prove meaningless. Change […]

Bookmarks for November 2nd through November 3rd

These are my links for November 2nd through November 3rd: My offer to Google Reader « fox @ fury – This product is important to me, and for many it fulfills the need for a source-centric news consumption product that has been overshadowed by the overwhelming push of ‘social stream’ products such as Twitter, Facebook, […]

Pinboard bookmarks for October 30th

Pinboard links for October 30th, syndicated automagically: W3C Social Business Jam – 8-10 November 2011 – The W3C Social Business Jam is an online conversation among leaders in business, government and technology about the current state of social business, the future role that social technologies can play in improving the bottom line, and how social […]

More people than ever are working on problems

2019: A Future Imagined from Flat-12 on Vimeo. Hm, he’s optimistic because “more people than ever are working on problems” (like Clay Shirky’s cognitive surplus) – possibly leveraging a lot of creativity. Via PolkaRobot

You will always be a beginner. Get good at it.

Via BoingBoing via KevinKelly in the NYTimes: • Every new technology will bite back. The more powerful its gifts, the more powerfully it can be abused. Look for its costs. • Technologies improve so fast you should postpone getting anything you need until the last second. Get comfortable with the fact that anything you buy […]

Digital Strangelove (or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Internet)

View more presentations from David Gillespie. Found via PSST (about some 8 months late, funny – given my Kubrick fascination I should have seen that one earlier  …)

Aspekte der digitalen Zukunft

Ein bisschen viel Video in letzter Zeit, wann soll man das alles sehen? Wird Zeit dass die Singularity kommt … via Dresdner Zukunftsforum via Marcel Weiß Moderator Ranga Yogeshwar diskutierte im Podiumsgespräch mit Ray Kurzweil und Sir Tim Berners-Lee Aspekte der digitalen Zukunft. 4. Dresdner Zukunftsforum > Podiumgespräch from Dresden Future Forum on Vimeo.