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Future jobs, now, today!

I like this, not only from a e-learning 2.0 perspective – but also from a more general future knowledge work perspective: […] what jobs, specializations, and careers we may eventually discover or are even starting to evolve in organizations. My exposure tells me that these general functions are starting to surface. Although the jobs are […]

Barcamp München Tag 2

Meine Berichte von den Enterprise 2.0 relevanten Sessions heute morgen sind im frogpond-Blog: Barcamp München Tag 2 Barcamp München Tag 2 – Wiki Session Update: weitere Berichte: Session “Social Networking im Unternehmen” Barcamp München Tag 2 – Lessions in Social Networks

MIT Sloan Business Insight

Since September 14 MIT Sloan Management Review (in collaboration with the WSJ and IBM) offers another selection of “classic” articles for free in Business Insight: [which] answers 7 Crucial Questions: (1) How are companies driving innovation without relying on technological breakthroughs? (2) Why are global companies finding it harder to fill critical jobs, and what […]

The Future of the Web @ MIT Sloan Management Review

Collaborate to innovate: Social networks and innovation

This is the reason why my two ventures, frogpond and BMID, exist: Via this post from Headshift I followed up these referenced videos of the latest NESTA (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) event: Collaborate to Innovate: the rise of social networks. […] creativity as a function of a situation and not of […]