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Jobs’ Thoughts on Music

This may turn out to be big, Steve Jobs outlines possible scenarios for the future of music, among them to end the folly of DRM: The third alternative is to abolish DRMs entirely. Imagine a world where every online store sells DRM-free music encoded in open licensable formats. In such a world, any player can […]

iHandcuffs und das iTunes-Geschäftsmodell

Randall Stross erklärt und enttarnt den DRM-Wahnsinn am Beispiel von Apples Fairplay: Artikel in der New York Times. Deutlich wird, dass es hier nicht mehr darum geht Musik vor dem digitalen Kopieren zu schützen, sondern um die Protektion des iTunes-Geschäftsmodells und um das Binden der Kundschaft: [W]hen the same tracks are sold by the iTunes […]

The definition of insanity … the Music Industry

Marc Cuban on the insanities and follies of the music industry, that seems to ignore logic and reason. He is making some nice points there, e.g. Insanity is […] focusing most of your business on selling music to the exact demographic that has the most time to spend on finding free music and most energy […]

Morgan Freeman’s ClickStar

Are Intel and Morgan Freeman’s Revelation Studios aiming to overthrow the old distribution model of the movie business? Offering movies online as soon as they hit theaters looks interesting … the movie release schedule (first theaters, then Pay-Per-View, then DVDs, then TV) is shrinking anyway. ClickStar’s business model may turn out great, even if they […]

Podcast Geschäftsmodelle

Ein Artikel von Nicole Dufft von Berlecon Research zum iTunes 4.9 Podcast-Feature. Ja, Business Models (und BM-Innovationen …) in der Medienindustrie sind spannend. Zur Zeit weiß niemand so recht wohin die Reise geht … und welche Geschäftsmodelle Erfolg haben werden. Auf jeden Fall hat die Integration des Podcast-Features in iTunes das potenzielle Publikum für Podcasts […]

DRM Follies

Interesting article at Techdirt on the problems with DRM … noting amongst other gems that the lack of restrictive technologies such as DRM that has spurred digital media adoption. DRM by its very definition restricts flexibility, not encourages it. Oh yes, in the end DRM is about making content owners happy, not consumers … still […]

Innovative Business Models by the BBC

This is an interesting read, touching many areas with meaning to people who think about the media industry, customer-generated content and innovations, remixing and so on … Funny still, that such an old and huge institution like the BBC is showing the way to (business model) innovations … the BBC — is rushing headlong to […]