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Podcast Geschäftsmodelle

Ein Artikel von Nicole Dufft von Berlecon Research zum iTunes 4.9 Podcast-Feature. Ja, Business Models (und BM-Innovationen …) in der Medienindustrie sind spannend. Zur Zeit weiß niemand so recht wohin die Reise geht … und welche Geschäftsmodelle Erfolg haben werden. Auf jeden Fall hat die Integration des Podcast-Features in iTunes das potenzielle Publikum für Podcasts […]

Podcasting: downloading the future?

good overview at Netimperative … First there was internet radio, then there was music downloading, now there’s “podcasting”. If podcasting is just an audio broadcast downloadable to an MP3 player, why the sudden hype? … focussing on the business model aspects, licensing issues and on the ascent of “professional” podcasters like the BBC … Sticking […]

The Future Of Digital Audio – Satellite Radio And Podcasting

A study by Forrester Research forecasts growth of Satellite Radio and Podcasting … Digital audio formats, like satellite radio, online radio and podcasting — subscription-based programming that is pushed to MP3 players – are creating new business models and opportunities in radio and the music industry. Keep this in mind: 20.1 million U.S. households will […]

More Sirius Curry Comments

The Doc Searls Weblog offers further insight into the Curry/Sirius Deal: what is being offered is “broadcasting” not podcasting and […] we can see that there are two distinct approaches, one which is a revisit of an old medium (radio), and the other a continuation of the new (podcasting) where […] podcasting is doing is […]

Curry Moves to Sirius

Sirius Radio is eager for content, after hooking up Stern they have now added Adam Curry to their celebrity radio host portfolio … He will produce and be host of a four-hour program every weekday starting May 13 on Sirius Satellite Radio. Mr. Curry will help choose material for “Adam Curry’s PodShow” from some of […]

Podcast Acceleration

Brief flashback on podcast development and the key players, note the accelerating dynamics of business … changes that are not only disruptive … but catching up really quick … The web browser took half a decade before being adopted by the mainstream; E-commerce went from geek street to main street in a couple of years; […]