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Movie Mystery: Yield Management

This get’s it right, I’m still wondering why yield or revenue management has not yet made more inroads in business domains that should be ideally suited … it can’t be tradition after all? If you wanted to see paramount Pictures’ Dreamgirls during the first ten days of its release in December, you had to fork […]

What’s Wrong With Digital Cinema?

Interesting article on the problems digital cinema technology is having … In theory, adoption of digital technology will spur innovation and creative movie making, which (again, in theory) will drive more people to theaters. Still, the details haven’t been hammered out, and digital cinema, which isn’t expected to be rolled out into theaters for a […]

Hollywood Plots End of Film Reels

Some of Hollywood’s movie studios have agreed on technical specifications fpr digital cinema, remember these notes on the business model and value net issues inherent … The move to digital distribution united the studios, which are more accustomed to competing with each other than collaborating. Studios spent more than $631 million in 2003 on film […]

Morgan Freeman’s ClickStar

Are Intel and Morgan Freeman’s Revelation Studios aiming to overthrow the old distribution model of the movie business? Offering movies online as soon as they hit theaters looks interesting … the movie release schedule (first theaters, then Pay-Per-View, then DVDs, then TV) is shrinking anyway. ClickStar’s business model may turn out great, even if they […]