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Xbox vs. Apple …

Ein kleiner aber lesenswerter Artikel in der aktuellen FTD, der aber die Ziele und die Strategie von Microsoft rund um digitale Inhalte ganz gut verdeutlicht.

Creating the future …

… or Why No Single Entity is Capable of Dictating the Future Interesting article by Robert Cringely on the complexities of (corporate) innovation, its strategic pitfalls and more … note this passage on the coming Xbox360 So is the Xbox 360 a betrayal of Microsoft’s hardware OEMs or not? Jim Allchin said recently that it […]

The Xbox Reloaded

Microsoft is counting on the Xbox 360 to help the company beat Sony and other home entertainment outfits in the war for control of the digital broadband home … note this: Microsoft has made no secret of its desire to dominate the living room. Three years ago, it unveiled the Media Center PC operating system, […]