Creating the future …

… or Why No Single Entity is Capable of Dictating the Future

Interesting article by Robert Cringely on the complexities of (corporate) innovation, its strategic pitfalls and more …

note this passage on the coming Xbox360

So is the Xbox 360 a betrayal of Microsoft’s hardware OEMs or not? Jim Allchin said recently that it wasn’t intended to be a home media center — that would be left to the Media Center version of Windows. Intentions are all about positioning, not reality. While Microsoft may say the Xbox isn’t a media center, it appears to be one and Microsoft will be thrilled if the public recognizes it as such. It might also be positioned as a component in a media center strategy involving a PC, but if that’s not a direction the market takes, will Microsoft suddenly stop making Xboxes? Of course not.

So while the Xbox may not be perceived by HP and Dell as a frontal assault on their PC businesses, nobody will be surprised if it becomes that. And it isn’t lost on Intel that the XBox uses a PowerPC processor or three.

… oh yes, in the meantime Apple switches to Intel chips

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