Future of TV networks

Interesting news from Deloitte … on the future of TV networks, […] threatened with extinction if they don’t evolve quickly into something else:

Not so long ago, the business model for television networks around the world was simple: produce programs, broadcast them across a national network of owned and affiliated stations to a mass audience, and sell access to that audience to advertisers based on viewership.

Today, however, the situation is much more complex — and is likely to become more complex still.


What was previously considered “TV content” is now being burned into DVDs, time delayed by PVRs, broken into fragments, piped on demand over the Internet, downloaded into mobile devices and syndicated around the globe. Such changes are having a profound effect on the structure, dynamics and future of the global broadcast television industry, both private and public.

adding fever to the rush for new profitable business models … BMID is tracking news on this search … and developing ideas how to search while accepting its complexities …

read the summary of the report at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu or the 16-page pdf.

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