Bookmarks for November 4th through November 5th

These are my links for November 4th through November 5th:

  • Von der Renaissance lernen: Besetzt den Palazzo Vecchio! – Feuilleton – FAZ
  • 160543-faq-acer-liquid-mt.html
  • Best RSS Newsreader? – The redesign being horrible, color, space, and clarity-wise is only the tip of the iceberg. Ultimately the sharebros don't care what color the theme is, we care about losing the main feature of google reader that no other RSS reader has, and that's the social aspect. The "redesign" was a poor attempt to move the following system of sharing news items into google+. However, google+ can't even approach the level of information sharing that greader had. For example, if I want to share an article with a sharebro, they'd have to first leave reader, go to +, find the stream for the circle his sharebros are in, and then + will only allow a thumbnail image from the article and the first two-ish sentences. Sounds like a minor inconvenience, until you realize the average sharebro was reading well over 1000+ shares a week. It's not a convenient or easy way for us to share our RSS feeds anymore. Don't even get me started on the fact that it is impossible in + to curate feeds and shares from other users, now, rather than appearing chronologically by what you have and have not read, things get thrown into the "stream" which is an uncuratable mess where it is impossible to navigate through what you've already read and what you haven't.

    This information and why we are unhappy at being corralled into + is widespread on the web from techcrunch to forbes.

  • Open Hardware Journal – First Edition – read and share it …

    Open source software has been a well known idea, and something of a success, for decades, open source hardware is relatively new. You can say that open source hardware was born out the of the "maker" movement, but for such an obvious idea it has been slow to take off. The one big notable exception being the Arduino.
    In an effort to popularize the open hardware movement we now have the Open Hardware Journal starting with November 1, 2011 Issue 1. As it says on the cover page you are free to read it, copy it and redistribute it – as long as you don't charge a fee, of course..

  • Beyond Facebook- An Update on What Is A Social Business – Forbes – I wrote that the definition of a social business is much broader than we think. I missed out one essential ingredient though – the business ecosystem. Business ecosystems are uncharted territory for the most part. We know they are important but we don’t measure or manage them with insight. They definitely belong in the list of social businesses

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