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Pinboard bookmarks for November 3rd

Pinboard links for November 3rd, syndicated automagically: Change Management is the Foundation of a Social Organization | Social Business News – The foundation for social organization transformation is culture and leadership. Process and technology initiatives are certainly important and play a vital role; but without a change in organizational behavior it will prove meaningless. Change […]

A little bit of energy for 2011

… for meme-messing, ie. tinkering along innovation, curiousness, open source, hacking, arduino et al. – in short, all what’s needed for living an engineer’s geek’s life in 2011 – that’s what I wish you and me 😉

Learn programming

Now that the weekend has arrived (no longer TGIF feelings) some neat inspiration is creeping up, ie. how to use this tool for creativity and imagination: Daniel Shiffman from Mark Webster on Vimeo.