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A little bit of energy for 2011

… for meme-messing, ie. tinkering along innovation, curiousness, open source, hacking, arduino et al. – in short, all what’s needed for living an engineer’s geek’s life in 2011 – that’s what I wish you and me 😉

Spring School in Complexity Science

Note to myself: lots of video lectures and accompanying powerpoints at the Spring School in Complexity Science These new courses (designed in conjunction with our new MSc Complexity Science) are designed for postgraduate students (perhaps early in their PhD studies or on masters courses) and industrial employees wishing to learn about the principles and challenges […]

Squid Labs: Multiple Focuses on Projects

Interesting article in Wired, on a small company named Squid Labs. which bills itself as “a design firm that does differential equations” and which thrives on intellectual capital … notice this Squid Labs projects together feels more like jazz. Griffith explains the ethos that ties their seemingly disparate projects together is one of working around […]