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Program or be programmed

In reference to a twitter conversation that got spurred by me buzzing this Schockwellenreiter blog post

Smart analytics and machine reasoning

Using advanced computing and emerging technology, IBM is building a natural language processing computer code-named Watson to compete in the game show Jeopardy. This is something that I missed so far – supercomputing smart analytics – learned about it only yesterday here at Lotusphere (I will blog about the executive meeting / briefing where it […]

IT innovations is for chickens

Via Dirk S. – who like we all knows that IT isn’t is for chickens poultry ; )

Business models that rocked in 2010

I am getting back into the flow of blogging – starting with the easy stuff, ie. link-blogging cool stuff I found on the netz. Via Manuel Koelman, business models that rocked in 2010: 10 business models that rocked 2010 – by @nickdemey (boardofinnovation.com) View more presentations from Board of Innovation (BOI).

A little bit of energy for 2011

… for meme-messing, ie. tinkering along innovation, curiousness, open source, hacking, arduino et al. – in short, all what’s needed for living an engineer’s geek’s life in 2011 – that’s what I wish you and me 😉

Igniting at LeWeb 2010

Lots of inspiration in the Ignite part of LeWeb day 1, this format is challenging for people my age, it’s fast paced but very inspirational. Some waved notes and remarks:

Konferenzen sind Plattformen …

… und Loic und Stephanie erklären hier das was auf dem Programm steht: Auch die LeWeb ist eine Plattform – für Gespräche, Ideen und Menschen (aus Start-ups oder auch nicht). Und morgen geht es los, heute steht nur das Vortreffen behind the scenes und die Bloggerparty auf dem Peniche 68 statt. Das nur ist Absicht, […]