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Bildung und Kreativität

… irgendwie bewegen mich diese Themen diese Tage mehr als sonst – passend dazu ein visualisierter Vortrag von Ken Robinson, quasi ein bewegtes Tafelbild:

Visualization for Management

A short interview with Xplane founder and author Dave Gray – I need want to write a short review of Gamestorming (“A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers”) – bought it but haven’t come around to read it thoroughly. So far I just skipped through it (which isn’t that incomaptible with it, but still)

Program or be programmed

In reference to a twitter conversation that got spurred by me buzzing this Schockwellenreiter blog post

Smart analytics and machine reasoning

Using advanced computing and emerging technology, IBM is building a natural language processing computer code-named Watson to compete in the game show Jeopardy. This is something that I missed so far – supercomputing smart analytics – learned about it only yesterday here at Lotusphere (I will blog about the executive meeting / briefing where it […]

IT innovations is for chickens

Via Dirk S. – who like we all knows that IT isn’t is for chickens poultry ; )

Business models that rocked in 2010

I am getting back into the flow of blogging – starting with the easy stuff, ie. link-blogging cool stuff I found on the netz. Via Manuel Koelman, business models that rocked in 2010: 10 business models that rocked 2010 – by @nickdemey (boardofinnovation.com) View more presentations from Board of Innovation (BOI).

A little bit of energy for 2011

… for meme-messing, ie. tinkering along innovation, curiousness, open source, hacking, arduino et al. – in short, all what’s needed for living an engineer’s geek’s life in 2011 – that’s what I wish you and me 😉