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Bookmarks for April 24th through April 29th

These are my links for April 24th through April 29th: Let Your Customers Optimize Your Website for You – At the moment, the term “personalization” is surrounded by confusion, mostly because it has evolved far beyond what it once was: product recommendations. It’s now much more sophisticated and can be automated to provide insight at […]

Pinboard bookmarks for January 10th

Pinboard links for January 10th, syndicated automagically: Solar PV Monitoring System | OpenEnergyMonitor – Here is the documentation for a solar PV monitoring system that’s been developed as part of the OpenEnergyMonitor project. It’s based on Arduino and is fully open-source; hardware, firmware and web application. The system monitors both generation and consumption and gives […]

Leveraging unexpected uses

Nice TED talk by Evan Williams (co-founder of Twitter) revealing that many of the ideas driving Twitter’s explosive growth came from unexpected uses, i.e. were invented by the users themselves or by people working on side projects. Twitter has won a small army of lifecasting converts, with its bite-sized notes and instant-gratification communication. Co-founder Evan […]

Food for your ears … and the thing in between

Well, I said “not on a regular basis“, thus I may put out big posts from time to time. Here’s one of them, a collection of podcasts that somehow catched my eye: Starting off with Episode 082 of the Project Management Podcast, called Monkey Management for Project Teams: Wait… what’s that on your back? Could […]

Notes from the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) Summit

No, I haven’t been to Providence (RI) but I have followed the numerous writeups available on the BIF blog and at other places (like e.g. mindmaps by Jeff de Cagna: Day 1 and Day 2, numerous other blogs like here and here). The conference would have been fun for sure, given its topic of “collaborative […]