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The Slow Media Manifesto

The Slow Media Manifesto The first decade of the 21st century, the so-called ‘naughties’, has brought profound changes to the technological foundations of the media landscape. The key buzzwords are networks, the Internet and social media. In the second decade, people will not search for new technologies allowing for even easier, faster and low-priced content […]

Kollaborative Softwareentwicklung als Basis für Open Source

Letzte OSMB-Session für mich heute, Uwe Schmid von McKinsey & Co zu kollaborativer Softwareentwicklung als Basis für Open Source. Es geht allgemein um verteilte “co-creation”, Prosumer und Veränderungen der Wertschöpfung durch die neuen Internettechnologien. Neben verteilter Softwareentwicklung werden auch Ideen wie Lego Mindstorms, das OScar-Auto und mehr angesprochen. Die Grundlagen für moderne Unternehmenführung sind bereits […]

Marketinginstrument Community – Wie können Marken den Nutzer beeinflussen?

Heute abend bin ich auf einer Veranstaltung von Baden-Württemberg Connected (bwcon) mit dem Thema Marketinginstrument “Community” – Wie können Marken den Nutzer beeinflussen? […] Die Entwicklung des digitalen Zeitalters zieht mit großen Schritten voran und der Bereich der sozialen Netzwerke und Communities gewinnt mehr und mehr an Bedeutung. Der Wandel des Nutzerverhaltens vom reaktionären „Consumer” […]

To Charge Up Customers, Put Customers in Charge

Nice little piece in the Times on prosumers, customer involvement, user-generated content et al. Note: “Some of the ideas from customers are striking, but impossible to make,” […] What tends to work best, […] are intriguing twists on design themes that he and his colleagues are already exploring. “But even submissions we can’t make add […]

Design at HP

Fine interview with Sam Lucente, Hewlett-Packard’s director of design and brand experience, in BusinessWeek on Innovation and Design at HP, noting IMHO the importance of (a) a wider perspective on innovation and (b) orchestration in spite of organizing, i.e. organizational work to drive innovation: Orchestration of many players in business ecosystems, i.e. value nets that […]

Enter self-made machinima flicks …

… reports the Guardian: A new form of film-making mashes traditional storytelling with video game animation. […] [used] by artists, film-makers and scriptwriters [and geeks as well]. Even small studios have emerged and the movie industry employs video game engines to pre-visualize their big-budget blockbusters. Well, this is offering (business model) threats and chances to […]

Home Production in Fablabs …

Now that we’ve digitized communications and computing, says Neil Gershenfeld, who heads MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms, we’re about to digitize the process of making physical things. “We’re on the edge of this digital revolution in fabrication,” he says, when individuals will be able to make fairly sophisticated products themselves using “fab labs.” At […]