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  • Mad Blanks – Tools to view your site as Googlebot would see it – Quiz, survey, assessment, calculator, general purpose form – Tools to view your site as Googlebot would see it

    The following are a couple examples of web services that will allow you to see your web pages or their source code the way other user agents (such as Googlebot) see them. This could be helpful in detecting undesired output if your site's files or database have been hacked. Often times, such hacks are masked when viewing a site by "regular" users and only show up to search engines.

  • Chris DiBona – Google+ – Sometimes I read an article about open source that drives… – The difference is that with open-source, if a threat is exposed, the developers work to fix it. In closed-source, the developers work to fix it, too… but the company has a vested interest in downplaying and/or denying the problem exists. "If no one knows about this yet, just sit on it until we can hide the fix in some big patch set. That way, we preserve our image!"

    That conflict between marketing / management is missing in open source works.

    As for apache and other systems, boxes are as secure as the admins make them. Slapping the install disc in and leaving things at default settings seldom leaves you with a secure box. In any OS.

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