Pinboard bookmarks for February 11th

Pinboard links for February 11th, syndicated automagically:

  • How to SSH on Ubuntu – A Simple Guide | Ubuntu Linux Help – You know how you can control your Linux box through the terminal command line? Well, if you have SSH set up, you can also control a remote computer over the network. This is really useful for taking control of things like webservers.
  • How-To: Set up a home file server using FreeNAS — Engadget – What is FreeNAS you say? Put simply, it's is an operating system based on FreeBSD that brings with it a snazzy web interface for management, and all the protocols you need to share files between Windows, Mac and Linux. In other words, a perfect solution for your digital bookshelf. Let's get to it.
  • Backup your data in Linux with Deja Dup – With Déjà Dup it's very easy to configure periodic backups. Do do them, just click on "Schedule" and decide how often you want to run your backups, and how long for.

    Yes, it's that simple. With Déjà Dup, there is really no excuse not to backup anymore.

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