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Bookmarks for October 26th through October 27th

These are my links for October 26th through October 27th: Papierloses Büro – 10 Virtuelle Faxdienste im Überblick – – Transforming into a social business – questions the technocentric way that many organizations have approached social business (or rather social software) this far and suggests a business-oriented approach to socializing business operations, focusing on […]


“procrastination is watching this videooo” – via Academic Productivity via Information Aesthetics via Cool Infographics …

Shine on you crazy diagram – part 2 …

Beim BarCamp München begonnen, nun – kurz vor dem BarCampBerlin3 die Fortsetzung. Klar, wenn man in der Stadt der ZIA ist – sehr schöne Fundstücke, u.a. gefunden bei Prokrastination (Sascha Lobo, Kathrin Passig), absolut undurchschaubar (“Tortendiagramm über Prokrastination”): Dann das schöne Procrastination Flowchart von, noch mal gefunden via Lobo und Co. (hmm, was soll […]

Gute Fragen

Cool, Martin bloggt nach eineinhalb Jahren wieder, ich bin gespannt auf viele gute Fragen (schöner Blogtitel, btw).

3er-Session @ BarCampJena

Didn’t blog that much from BarCamp Mitteldeutschland, some posts on frogpond, where I will also publish my very own wiki-session-slides, but now one highlight: Tina Pickhardt, Robert Basic und Cem Basman live on stage – interesting topic: life-work balance for web workers: “Investing in the start-up vs. investing in family time” Tina: even VCs don’t […]

Innovation hurdles …

Chuck Frey on a new study on ‘innovation champions’ in corporations and research facilities, who claim that their biggest trouble is to find time to work on their ideas (anyone thinking about Googles 70/20/10-rule now? or about innovative ways to enhance knowledge worker productivity?).

Fear of flying high

I am not alone then … BW columnists Jack & Suzy Welch say that there isn’t a good manager in the world who doesn’t have a daily panic attack about the load of stuff he doesn’t know but should, the confounding challenges ahead, and the sheer impossibility of getting it all done … but it’s […]