3er-Session @ BarCampJena

Didn’t blog that much from BarCamp Mitteldeutschland, some posts on frogpond, where I will also publish my very own wiki-session-slides, but now one highlight: Tina Pickhardt, Robert Basic und Cem Basman live on stage – interesting topic: life-work balance for web workers: “Investing in the start-up vs. investing in family time”

Tina: even VCs don’t want to have people that are single-sided focussed on business things – they want people with working relationships and friendships, that ground them now and then.

Talking 24/7 about ideas, work, other entrepreneurs, etc. is harmful to your relationships, as is restricting your social contacts to business things.

Cem: I would prefer to not work together with my wife, need a more professional working environment than a home office – but the main reason is keeping the fine line between work and family intact.

Good discussion, touching stuff like quality time vs. quantitative time, lifehacks and the need to find own ways of working, to find sources of inspiration and how to keep energy levels up. Big warning signs are waived that some negative trends just lurk up, and move in slowly but deadly – knowing where to say stop in work-life-balance helps. Setting and keeping boundaries in place is a sign of professionalism.

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