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Via Ton Zijlstra at and interdependent thoughts: This 14 minute film was made by Elmine Wijna, based on 2 days of filming in 2 FabLabs, and doing interviews with both visitors and staff of the labs.

Die Bonner BarCamp-Bibel

Danke Mixxt für den Leitfaden für die Organisation eines BarCamps!

Sehr schön – vor allem wenn der angekündigte Teil zu ThemenCamps noch dazukommt …


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3er-Session @ BarCampJena

Didn’t blog that much from BarCamp Mitteldeutschland, some posts on frogpond, where I will also publish my very own wiki-session-slides, but now one highlight: Tina Pickhardt, Robert Basic und Cem Basman live on stage – interesting topic: life-work balance for web workers: “Investing in the start-up vs. investing in family time” Tina: even VCs don’t […]