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Interaction Design and posterous-ed feelings

Ok, this is more of a pathetic test post to make a point. Posterous seemingly has broken various implicit contracts with me and other users, and while I normally would have used their services for my little video earmarking and microblogging I thought it’s an idea to see if a regular blog post can do […]

Tips for Better Ideas

(un)structuring your thinking to have better ideas – while following some easy rules …. Yet, Thorsten is right too – Twitter is a creativity room that flourishes when allowing for serendipidity, swiftness and “rapid idea wrangling”


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(No) ROI From Social Media!

via, crossposted from posterous Haha, don’t bother me with cars/telephone/… , I am perfectly fine with my horse-carriage and whip/telex and letters/… PS. this is more of an earmarked posterous link, I am testing cross-blog-syndication 😉

Die Bonner BarCamp-Bibel

Danke Mixxt für den Leitfaden für die Organisation eines BarCamps!

Sehr schön – vor allem wenn der angekündigte Teil zu ThemenCamps noch dazukommt …


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